Drink Info

We are so excited for you to receive your box! In the meantime, we have a little bit of information about the boxes you are about to receive.

- When you receive your box, if you are not drinking them right away, pop them in the fridge to keep them fresh.

- When making your drinks, make sure to shake your bottle before use.

- The drinks all have a 7 day shelf life when kept refrigerated, however we would recommend to drink all the drinks within 5 days.

- Dehydrated fruit is to be kept in a cool dry place. NOTE: The dehydrated apple contains cinnamon

Make all drinks to spec for a better cocktail experience. Ice is a must as this helps with the flavours.

*Remember ice is a key ingredient to mixing cocktails*

In order to make all the drinks to spec, you will need the following ingredients to make your drinks:


Shopping List:

Gin box

- A bottle of gin of your choice

- Pack of mint to garnish the raspberry garden and Summer Sling

- Ice

- Prosecco as you can top up the Raspberry Garden to make a Raspberry Garden Fizz (50ml in each drink)

- If you are feeling adventurous you can even top Summer Sling to make a Summer Sling Spritz (50ml in each drink)


Rum box

- A bottle of white rum of your choice

- Pack of mint for the Mojito

- Ice


Vodka box

- A bottle of Vodka of your choice

- Ice

- Prosecco for the Passion Martini